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Bar Hopping in Charleston

Bar Hop in a Charleston Party Bus

Are you planning a night out of bar hopping in Charleston? Do you want to take your night out to the next level? What you need is one of our ultra luxurious, top-of-the-line limousine buses! There's no better way to take a night out on the town to a whole new level and make it unforgettable.

You might be wonder, "but what are the benefits of a using a limo bus for my night out?" Well, let us tell you!

When you first start planning a night of bar hopping, step 1 is usually to decide on the designated driver. This can be a simple enough task if you're going out with just a couple of people, but if you have a larger group, it can become much more difficult. You'll not only need to find enough people willing to DD to transport all the people, but you'll have to take into account who drives what type of car. If you're friend with the large SUV doesn't want to DD but your friend with the two-seater truck is willing, that leaves a lot to be figured out. However, if you choose a Charleston limo bus you'll have more than enough room for all of your friends, so all of you can drink!

On the night of your event, your limo bus will pull up and you and all your friends will step on board. If you don't want to wait until the first bar to start drinking, go ahead and bring some beer or liquor on board and start to party the moment we arrive! The colorful lighting will be going, all you have to do is hook up your iPod up to the stereo, maybe even take advantage of the dance pole, and enjoy the private club feel of the bus. We'll take you to whatever bar you want to hit first, whether it's in Charleston or Myrtle Beach or wherever else! You can even bar hop in both towns, as there's no limit to how far we'll take you during your reservation. This allows you to make the most out of your South Carolina night out, because you can check out all the bars you want and drink on the vehicle during long distances - your fun never has to end!

Now imagine that you didn't have a limo bus - odds are any of your friends' acting as DD are not going to want to drive you from Charleston to Myrtle Beach. And even if they did, you won't be able to drink or dance on board, and you won't have the entertaiment of large TVs and DVD players or the amazing stereo systems we have in all of our buses. Just more perks of choosing a limo bus for your night out transportation!

At the end of the evening, you'll be safely transported back home by your best designated driver ever - your Limo Bus Charleston chauffeur! So now you know - there are plenty of perks to choosing a limo bus for your night out bar hopping in Charleston!

For pricing and availability, call us any time! Our expert agents will get everything all set for you!