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Great party buses and limousines from Limo Bus Charleston

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I allowed to drink on the bus?

As long as you are of legal drinking age then yes, you are permitted to drink alcohol on the buses! But please be advised that Limo Bus Charleston cannot provide alcohol for you at all! You must bring your own!

Is alcohol included?

No, as sated above we cannot provide alcohol. You are more than welcome to drink on the vehicles but please remember that you must bring your own beverages on board.

Am I allowed to smoke on the bus?

No, we do not allow any smoking on our vehicles. However, you can ask your driver to pull over any time you'd like to stop for a smoke.

Do you service outside of Charleston?

Absolutely! We have a vast area of service for your convenience! Give us a call for more details or visit our service area page to see a list of cities we visit often!

How much does it cost?

Cost of a limo bus rental varies. Different sized buses have different prices, and things like industry demand are also taken into account. Weekends are more expensive than weekdays, etc. For more specific pricing info and to get an exact to-the-penny quote, just give us a call!

What features do your vehicles have?

Our Charleston limo buses all have a variety of features. While each is uniquely designed, you can expect a few things on each vehicle: comfortable seating, loud stereos, large TVs, DVD and CD players, iPod hookup, and coolers!

Don't see your question answered above? Give us a call and ask us anything!