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Limo Bus Charleston Pricing & Rates

Our policy: Accuracy, honesty, and transparency in pricing. We don't publish our pricing because we are always looking for ways to save you money. If you are interested in hiring us for your big party bus adventure, you can expect to receive a custom quote when you call! Read on to learn more.

Limo Bus Charleston always seeks to save you money for your luxury vehicle rentals. Our party bus & limo rental prices are based on many different factors. Most companies out there come up with a flat rate and charge that throughout the year, no matter how busy or slow they are. We do our best to keep an eye on different factors which can allow us to lower our prices whenever possible. Aside from economic factors, we also base our rates on your event details. These include the date, time, and location of pick up and drop off, and we even offer special package rates for certain events.

If you're looking to save money, you'll want to keep in mind that Saturdays are typically the most expensive, and the industry "peak season" of late spring to early summer will have higher rates as well. If you have any questions about our pricing or how to get the cheapest rate possible. Worry not! Our amazing agents will answer all of your questions, walk you through the booking process step by step, and find you the absolute best rates.

We invite you to call or email us at any hour of any day of the year. Since we do not publish our pricing online, we wish to remain available to you no whenever you're ready to give us a call.

Are you looking to save some money?

Here's what you can do for a more affordable party bus or limo adventure!

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    Avoid "peak days". Sunday through Thursday are the most affordable days on our schedule.
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    If possible, avoid booking during the peak season. Primarily, spring and late summer into fall are the busiest due to high school events and wedding activities.
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    Sometimes we can offer advance package discounts. So, book as far in advance of your big day as you possibly are able to.
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    Always ask us about our potential package deals.
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    Spreading cost among the entire group of riders can prove to be almost as affordable as individual Taxi service... And so much nicer.

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